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Journey to Tranquility

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When Its Just Not Happening, Look For The Reason Why

Posted on 27 April, 2019 at 15:14 Comments comments (54)
Is there something that is just not happening in your life that you want so badly? My experience of life is that there is always a good reason why things are not happening as you would wish. My belief is that life, the universe, God or whatever you may call the creative force behind our reality has always got our best interests at heart, even when it involves us learning hard or painful lessons. The saying 'every cloud has a silver lining' has been proven to be true over and over again, even with deeply painful experiences.

If you are being held in job, relationship or situation that you would rather not be in, find out what there is to learn about yourself or what deeper wisdom could be trying to reveal itself. We often think that 'if I could just be in a different job, relationship or situation, I would be much happier'. However the problems you perceive will surely follow you wherever you go  because they are caused from within. We attract the reality that matches our own beliefs; so if you believe that people are unkind, that is what you will experience. If you believe that you are unlovable, you are unlikely to experience true, abiding love in your life. If you believe that true happiness is unachievable, guess what..?

Beliefs are laid down very early in life, before the age of 7. They are then added to and modified by repetition and the creation of habits. They can be positive beliefs, such as 'I can achieve anything I put my mind to' or limiting beliefs such as 'I can never get anything right' or 'I am unlovable'. Either way, you will attract what you believe in, because that is how your brain is wired. The Reticular Activating System or RAS as it is also known is the part of your brain that takes what you focus on most (i.e. what you have told it is important to you) and creates a filter for it. So that out of the trillions of pieces of information that it filters every day, it only presents to your conscious mind the bits important to you. Or in other words, in an infinite field of possibilities, you will only get what you expect to get. You may be aware of some of the self-sabotaging beliefs you hold , but some you may  not be aware of because they are buried deep in your subconscious mind. The best indicator is to look at where your life flows well and the areas where it does not flow well. The latter is a strong indicator that there are limiting beliefs operating.

It is important at this point to note that you can change that subconscious programming. The Journey™ method developed by Brandon Bays is one very effective way of getting to the core life experience that set the limiting beliefs in play and realising that they are outdated and no longer serve you well. Through conscious intervention with the subconscious mind, you can then access the deeper, more empowering truth about your own inner potential and this becomes the new operating system for the RAS.

So if you are willing to do the internal personal development work to discover what is truly holding you back the silver lining is that you discover a deeper, richer, more empowering version of yourself which in turn will enrich your life experiences from that point.

Sometimes it seems that life throws us a curve ball, just when we were enjoying our current life situation. It may be difficult for a while to see the justice or the benefit in what may appear a cruel or unnecessary turn of events. We may struggle to let go of the version of reality that we had so invested in, to see the benefits of what it is being replaced with. I think it is useful to look to the natural world in these situations and understand that nature creates, forms, brings to fruition many beautiful states of reality. Then in the natural course of the cycle, it breaks down, destroys, lays fallow and then starts the whole creation process again. We are also organic creatures, part of the energy flow of creation and as much a part of this creative cycle as the natural world. I see that when one form of reality has run its course or served its purpose, a higher consciousness then steps in to break that down or remove it from us, so that a new opportunity for growth and nurturing can arise.

I have observed this with both natural and personal disasters; it often brings out the kindness in people's natures, motivates new ventures for the greater good of the self or humanity and highlights what needs to change in order to bring about a better world.

It may be difficult to see the benefit in for example losing a life partner, parent or family member, we may feel angry or devastated about this loss and it is important to honour these feelings and take the time to grieve. In this way, we allow our natural emotions to flow through us and be released. When we do not allow our emotions to be expressed; if we avoid them or distract ourselves, they interrupt the natural biochemistry of the body, causing blockages at a cellular level which can eventually result in dysfunction of the body, illness or disease. The natural programming of the body is to maintain homeostasis or balance in all of its functions at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The only thing that prevents this balance is when we hold onto versions of our story from the past, or future versions of our story that we would like to materialise. Non acceptance of 'what is' is like having an argument with reality. it keeps us in resistance and as the saying goes: 'what we resist, will persist'! (Carl Jung). It's the same principle as 'what you focus on the most is what you attract more of'. So take the time to honour and grieve for your loved ones, then lovingly make the decision when it feels right for you, to move on with your life. Not moving on is like a form of self-abuse, to refuse to look for happiness in your life points to deeply self-sabotaging emotional drivers that are keeping you trapped in this state - something to reflect on if this applies to you.

So to return to my original point that I believe there is a purpose for the greater good in everything that either happens or doesn't happen; it may take some time maybe even years for that greater purpose to become apparent. However if you are willing to suspend judgement and focus on what's good in your life, you will find true peace of mind and happiness in each moment. Go well, may you find the peace and happiness in your life that you truly deserve.


1. Bruce Lipton talking about this:

2. There are also lots of other useful resources here:

Navigating the Gap

Posted on 3 December, 2018 at 15:40 Comments comments (68)
An unexpected and slightly uncomfortable phenomenon has overshadowed me for the last couple of a complementary therapist, I went from knowing what my calling in life was, to suddenly finding that all the enthusiasm and passion had disappeared. I no longer felt motivated to offer healing treatments, which had for a long time been such an important part of my own sense of purpose. This was confusing, dismaying and left me feeling directionless, without a purpose in life.

It started with a growing awareness in quiet moments that what I was doing no longer felt fulfilling to me. It could be that I just needed to take a break and refresh my perspective on things. But I also sensed  at a deeper level that this felt more like something in my being was in transition, evolving. It felt like it was time to explore new experiences, investigate the deeper meaning of life.

The wisdom I was following said that in order to find true fulfilment in life, find your passion and follow it - follow your joy.  The reason for this is because your passion and joy are powered by intention, attention and motivation - all of which provide the powerhouse leading to that sense of fulfilment.

Always one to be curious about life and to embrace new ideas, I set myself on a quest to follow the direction of my attention, my passion and joy to find out where it was leading me.

I was becoming more aware that everything is energy in some form or another, so the key to health, well being and happiness must lie with understanding and managing our own personal energy and how we relate to everything in our environment.

 I felt strongly drawn to take part in a 'Sacred Chants and Shamanic Wisdom' expedition in Peru that came to my attention. Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation. One of the key aspects of Shamanic wisdom is the use of 'energy medicine'. The shamans throughout the ages knew how to heal using a holistic approach long before what they were doing could be explained by science. They knew how to live in harmony with the natural environment and how important it is to do so. We are all part of the same ecosystem; disrupt one part and there is a knock on effect to the other parts. So I took up this opportunity and had the most amazing, heart opening, inspiring time that I feel has shifted my energy and opened my awareness in a very positive way.

Each day we were taking part in sacred ceremony which honoured the earth, sky, all four directions, ourselves and all the creatures that live upon this earth. We were consciously deciding what within ourselves we were ready to let go of, that was not serving us well and what healthy states of being we would like to welcome in. The process was deeply cathartic, very moving and felt very liberating.

Each day we were also taking part in sacred chants and mantra concerts. Jonathan Goldman, in his book Healing Sounds, talks about a formula for sound healing: Intention + Frequency = Healing. When a person sings mantras, the essence of their entire vibration is contained in the sound and acts like a homeopathic remedy to the group and even to the world. The frequency of sound moves in concentric circles out from its origin and affects the vibration of anyone in the field. Chanting mantras stimulates the endocrine system; the act of your tongue pressing against the palate of the mouth stimulates the hypothalamus, thalamus, and pituitary. This vibration releases chemical hormones that balance the body and have healing effects. All sound has an effect on your molecular structure.

How could one fail to be affected positively by this week of what I can only describe as blissful experience? The content was a wonderful fusion of wisdom and experiences from the ancient tribes of the Amazon and the mantras of the Hindu Vedic tradition. Both traditions acknowledge that to maintain health and well being, we need to engage with the more subtler energies within us and around us. This was just what I had been becoming aware of for the past year; that energy medicine is the key to the future health and wholeness of every living being, creature and the natural world on this planet.

Later in the summer I also felt drawn to take some time living 'off grid' at the Lammas eco village in West Wales. My whole being seemed to yearn for more connection with the natural world, the opportunity to live closer to nature; I knew that such moments in the past had filled me with such a joy to be alive that this must be very important to my physical and emotional well being.

During my time there, I worked on the land, contributed and felt part of a community and took part in an amazing full moon campfire music jam. All of this experience was speaking to me very strongly about the sort of environment, activities and people that make my heart sing and feed my soul. The physical and mental effect on my body was noticeable - I felt energised, inspired and buzzing with joy.

As the summer drew to a close, I felt a glow of inspiration that perhaps West Wales could be my spiritual home and somewhere I would want to be living.

Then the fear and doubt crept in! What if.. what if.. what if... my balloon of happiness felt quite deflated! Yet the option to do nothing and stay in my present home, surrounded by buildings, roads, cars, traffic also feels untenable. So one thing I do know for certain; to nourish and give sustenance to my body and being, my dearest wish is to live in a more rural, less congested environment, connect more with like minded people and I intend to make that happen.

West Wales is a long way from my own family, I have many moments of wondering whether I am crazy to be even contemplating such a move and yet I also know I have to be true to my own heart in order to live the most fulfilling life.

So until I can see my way forward clearly, I am staying focused on the kind of environment, home, life and community I would like for myself and look for all the opportunities in the present to experience that joyfulness. I am also happy to find that my passion for helping people to feel better and heal has returned. Sometimes you have to go away from something in order to come back more fully appreciating its value and able to bring a new depth to the experience. I feel that there will be new services to offer in the future and that my healing work can have more depth and creativity now. 

I also keep on preparing and clearing my home for a move. Past experience has shown me that if I continue to mentally 'cast my net out' in terms of research, enquiries and testing things out, sooner or later the solution will appear. It is a fact of quantum physics that what you put your attention on most frequently and clearly will manifest in your physical reality (don't take my word for it, check it out).

Deepak Chopra talks about how 'the brain strengthens or weakens in specific areas depending on the input it receives, and paying attention provides concentrated input'. He also said that there are some basic requirements to be met. The first is being centred as distraction is self-defeating. Secondly, awareness focuses naturally when you have a desire; we focus on what we want. Thirdly, attention works best when combined with intention – envisioning a way to fulfil your desire. When the three ingredients come together – you are centred, you have a desire, you intend to fulfil your desire – attention becomes extremely powerful.

Then your reticular activating system can get to work finding the answer to your desire and intention..whaat?? I hear you say!  The RAS as it is also known is the part of your brain that takes what you focus on most (i.e. what you have told it is important to you) and creates a filter for it. So that out of the trillions of pieces of information that it filters every day, it only presents to your conscious mind the bits important to you. Pretty cool huh?! That is why when you buy a new car, you suddenly see all the other cars on the road that are the same as yours. Or why you can tune out a noisy room of people, but hear your own name being called.

Once you know this, you can begin to consciously influence your RAS to find what you are looking for. There is a way to consciously influence your reality, when you stay focused on what you desire for yourself. Lynne McTaggart, best selling author and renowned authority on the power of Intention advises that there are a number of factors that will give your intentions the best chance of success; practise staying focused, be specific in what you are asking for, mentally rehearse & visualise the outcome with all of your five senses, believe in the process, keep firmly fixed in your mind your desired outcome and stay positive. Then move aside and let the universe sort it out.

All of this scientific research and knowledge gives me reassurance that I really can be master of my destiny if I follow the principles outlined above. In my own experience, it is very important not to be swayed or negatively influenced by the seeming impossibility of your intention, or the absence of a visible solution. The Universe really does move in mysterious ways and many seemingly impossible situations have resolved themselves quite unexpectedly when there is a strong enough desire for something. And in the meantime it is very important to focus on the positives in the present situation and the joys, of which there are many to be found if you but look! 

I hope you can see some parallels in my story applicable in your own life and that it may help you to review any changes you would like to make to stay true to your own sense of purpose. Go well, be happy, love life. 
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The Rush Of Life

Posted on 9 March, 2016 at 17:01 Comments comments (54)
We are all in such a rush these days - I've just driven home in rush hour traffic, where everyone on the road was in a tearing hurry to get somewhere and woe betide anyone in their way!

The theme of always seeming to be in a rush has come up strongly for me recently. A few weeks ago I was given a very salutary lesson in just what the consequences can be when the car in front of me unexpectedly stood on the brakes and I was very quickly made aware of what happens when you dont keep a safe stopping distance behind! The inevitable crunch happened, no-one hurt thank goodness but the upshot was that my car was written off as uneconomical to repair.

The impact not only on my beautiful car which I loved, but on my daily life over the last few weeks has been enormous. From the strong emotions this incident has thrown up, to the practicalities of having to find another car and stay mobile because my work and leisure activities depend on it, there have been many repercussions.

And yet my inner wisdom knows that this sledgehammer event came to teach me a great lesson, something that I have actually wished for; to be able to live from a place of inner peace and tranquility whatever is happening externally. I wished for the ability to truly take life in my stride and not be drawn into self-imposed conditions which themselves create unnecessary pressures in life.

So when I view this incident 'from the balcony', the picture opens out and I can see that the teaching it brings is deep. It brings my attention to a realisation that inner peace comes from a slowing down so that each moment can be enjoyed on its own merit. Stuck in traffic? Late for an appointment? Accept it.. enjoy the opportunity it brings to listen to some lovely music or tune into your body/mind. The mind/body gets lonely when you dont pay it attention  to it you know! When you don't listen to the vital messages it tries to communicate to you about the state of your own life, health and well-being.

When we rush through life, we fail to enjoy the only moment that really matters - this moment. Think about it - the only problems we truly have are all either in the past (and we still torture ourselves with them time and time again!) or in the future (screenplays we run of fearful events that probably won't even happen)!

Try it now. Focus your attention on this moment; the sounds, scents, images, feelings. Let the past and the future fade away, stay in the present. And in the next moment, and the next. Notice what happens to your mind and body. When you turn your attention inwards (mind and body) it will always reveal the truth of what is going on for you. You may find a calm, stillness that you did not know was possible for you, or your mind may try to distract you back to its incessant loop of fear, doubt and judgement. In truth, your mind can be your master or your slave.

If you have allowed it free rein, it will run down rabbit holes of projected fearful consequences and give you no peace. But the mind will respond to your instruction if you decide to give it positive directions on what to think and how to positively support your life. You will need to reinforce these messages frequently for a while, until the new directions get really embedded. The point is that it is possible for you to master your mind, not be it's slave.

I give you my story as food for thought. You may learn from my mistake, but the likelihood is that you will need to experience the lessons that are important to your self-development in a shape and form that is appropriate for you.

So I am working on checking out of the unrealistic busy-ness of life, finding a balance that is comfortable, practical and still stimulating. It is definitely still work in progress, the old patterns take time to die away but this is my intention. I encourage you to make conscious choices that support your own health and well-being. Often there are more choices available than we realise or are willing to consider. Be the master, or be the slave. Which is it?

Stay Awake

Posted on 5 November, 2014 at 18:13 Comments comments (35)
A light in the darkness, beckoning you - come this way. 
If the light illuminates your path, it is for you
Follow where it leads. 
I cannot promise that you will like all that you see, 
for there are many demons to face along the way. 
But every demon bears a gift for you..
If you can but see it. 
Find the gift and celebrate the new richness
it brings to your life. 

There will be stormy seas to cross,
And barren lands to travel through. 
There will be mirages of promised lands, 
which will vanish before your eyes. 
And if you stay awake, you will find that 
truth and clarity begin to appear, 
that now there is more light than darkness, 
more joy than pain. 
A chance to conduct the orchestra of your life
and create beautiful symphonies.
A chance to live a blessed life - to choose this. 
Stay Awake, Follow The Light. 

A New Dawn, A New Day

Posted on 5 November, 2014 at 18:05 Comments comments (12)
A New Dawn, A New Day

Let all thoughts of negativity go,
Release yourself into the flow
Of life, of love, of gifts and things,
Be ready to see what life will bring.
What magic appears upon the screen,
Its yours to have, forget what's been. 
Rewrite the script, new cast, new stage,
Beautiful characters on the page. 
Starting now, begin again. 
The past is done, transmute the pain. 
New dawn, new day, rebirth for you, 
Let freedom bring new energy too. 
A life well lived, with joy and passion, 
A chance to start a brand new fashion!
Who will you be, from this place of peace?
The choice is yours, all fears released. 
Out with the old, in with the new, 
Re-invented, authentic and true!

S. Lindon November 2014