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Journey To Tranquility

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Journey to Tranquility

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Science, emotions and cell renewal

Posted on 3 September, 2013 at 12:49
Why and how Journey work can help you to achieve your full potential and find true happiness! 

Taken from 
Journey work – Scientific Basis
The Journey is a globally recognized and critically acclaimed healing and transformational process to awaken you to your true potential. To date, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have experienced this simple, yet powerful step-by-step process overcoming a wide variety of challenges from physical ailments to emotional trauma or shut down, relationship problems and career performance issues.

Brandon Bays (the founder of the Journey process) recognized that her direct experience of healing has taken cellular science one step further by expounding upon the work of famed endocrinologist Dr. Deepak Chopra and renowned cellular biologist Dr. Candace Pert.
Dr. Deepak Chopra who made a life study of successful survivors of illness found they had two things in common:
1. They were able to access something beyond the mind to stimulate healing; Chopra calls this ‘Infinite Intelligence’.   
2. They were able to let go of memories stored at a cellular level.
Cells in the body regenerate at different speeds. In the eye they take only 48 hours, whereas cells in the liver take 6 weeks to regenerate. The question is: what stops these cells from regenerating healthily? Dr. Chopra postulated that memories can be stored in the cells and can cause degenerative disease patterns to be passed on, preventing healthy new cell replication.
Dr. Candace Pert went further in her book 'Molecules of Emotion' which describes her Nobel Prize nominated research on “how emotions affect our bodies at the cellular level”. If trauma and negative emotions are not resolved, they become physically stored as a cellular memory, preventing those cells involved from playing their part in the constant chemical communication taking place within the body.
In other words, when emotions are suppressed, a specific biochemistry is released into the blood stream and blocks certain cell receptors, which are then isolated and cannot communicate with any other cells in the body. If these cells remain blocked over time and if disease happens, it's likely to happen in the part of the body where the cells are blocked.
These memories not only 'switch off' these cells, but they can lead to emotional and physical disease years after the events originally occurred. Journey processes can enable one to let go of these memories, 'switching on' your cells, and enabling them to once again regenerate perfectly.
Further reading and references

  • According to the American Institute of Stress, between 75 and 90 percent of all visits to primary-care physicians result from stress-related disorders. P. Rosch, Job Stress: American’s Leading Adult Health Problem, USA Today, May 1991
  • Stress is the body and mind’s response to any pressure that disrupts their normal balance. It occurs when our perceptions of events don’t meet our expectations and we don’t manage our reaction to the disappointment. Stress - that unmanaged reaction - expresses itself as resistance, tension, strain or frustration throwing off our physiological and psychological equilibrium and keeping us out of sync. If our equilibrium is disturbed for long, the stress becomes disabling. We fade from overload, feel emotionally shut down and eventually get sick. Doc Childre and Howard Martin, The HeartMath Solution (San Francisco: HarperCollins, 1999).
  • In a ten-year study, individuals who could not manage their emotional stress had a 40 percent higher death rate than non-stressed individuals. H.J. Eysenck, Personality, Stress, and Anger: Prediction and Prophylaxis, British Journal of Medical Psychology (1988).
  • A Harvard Medical School study of 1,623 heart-attack survivors concluded that anger brought on by emotional conflicts doubled the risk of subsequent heart attacks compared to those who remained calm. M. A Mittleman, M. Manclure, J.B. Sherwood, et al, Triggering of Acute Myocardial Infarction Onset by Episodes of Anger, Circulation (1995).
  • An international study of 2,829 people between the ages of 55 and 85 found that individuals who reported the highest levels of personal mastery - feelings of control over life events had a nearly 60 percent lower risk of death compared with those who felt relatively helpless in the face of life’s challenges. B.W. Penninx, T. van Tilburg, D. M. Kriegsman, et al, Effects of Social Support and Personal Coping Resources on Mortality in Older Age: The Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam, American Journal of Epidemiology (1997).
  • A heart disease study at the Mayo Clinic found that psychological stress was the strongest predictor of future cardiac events, including cardiac death, cardiac arrest and heart attack. T.G. Allison, D.E. Williams, T. D. Miller, et al, Medical and Economic Costs of Psychologic Distress in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease, Mayo Clinic Proceedings (1995). 

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